Meet & Greet Mexico City


Guys… i’ll be as honest as i can.

First of all, our meet and greet was really… and i really mean it… really quick we didn’t even got a group photo! i mean… well, that’s fine i guess, but, that’s not the problem, the problem is that even tho we didnt got a group photo… we DID got photos when the guys were signing our stuff.

So, i was waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and finally new meet and greet photos were uploaded here, but… OH SURPRISE!!! there was NO MEXICO CITY, but, there are photos from Argentina, and even all the dates of Brasil (those shows were after than the one in Mexico’s city) and my question is… why? what did we do to get this kind of treatment? i mean, we even got our concert’s photos later than the Argentina’s…

Can we at least get those photos? i’m a little sad because i hasn’t even got my laminate yet!! and its almost 3 months since i ordered it… anyway, please give us a solution! i think we deserve it

Angel Chaires
LP Fan hoping the best


Sadly there was no photographer…but there is a hope to a long episode of Mexico for LPTV, maybe 2 parts…