Meet & Greet o2 London 23.11.2014



Its been quick a long time since I had a M&G. Quick question, If I’m lucky enough to win a M&G will I be notified by email or will there be a list of of the lucky winners names posted on here?




If you win, you will get an e-mail :slight_smile:



If ur lucky enough to win, how soon before the concert date do u get the email?




usually you get the email 3 days before your concert! :slight_smile:
but sometimes they are sent a bit later…



When does the M&G Lottery close?




[quote=Barry McKelvey]Hi

When does the M&G Lottery close?



the m&g lottery closes 5 days before the concert.


Does anyone received comfirmation about m&g yet?


Got email this morning, not really a lucky person but OMG

Does anyone know roughly how many hours before the gig M&G’s usually take place?


I still haven’t got an email yet to confirm :worried: getting worried now!


U are so lucky!
Last time m&g took about 1hr before the gig, but that was at Download Festival, so I’m not sure is that will be the same.


GOT MY EMAIL!! WOOOO cannot believe in two days im going to be meeting Linkin Park! Cant quite compute that information yet. Reading other peoples meet and greets it seems it will be during of mice and men, which i was looking forward to but more important things im afraid! See you there!!!


Ahh I’m excited but worrying too lol… I’m the kind of person who likes to know when things are gonna be in advanced! So we are waiting for an email to confirm? And then on the day another to say what time?
I’m leaving for my mums tonight and haven’t had the email yet… Was it one form of ID I have to bring?


passport or driving license and the print off confirmation email. They may let you show on your phone not sure. will be backstage at about 7pm i reckon. Im the same. But at least i know its when we will be in the arena anyway. Only issue is obviously meeting up with the person im coming with after. Feel bad for leaving them but theyve assured me its an oppotunity not to miss! Cannot believe it!


Got mine M&G too. I got my e-mail around 7;30 ( London time)


Got my M&G e-mail at 7.29 cant wait


Ok thank you, hope they do send it soon as leaving for London tomorrow, staying for 2 nights :blush: they are right… It’s pretty much a once in a lifetime thing! Luckily my brother loves them too so going with him to meet & greet also. I hope you manage to meet with who you’re meeting ok =\


Got mine at 7.30 MT - see you all their :slight_smile:


I’m the same Amy I’ve not been very lucky on life and when I bought the tickets I was in tears as couldn’t believe my dreams were coming true!!
Gonna be amazing


I got my email for M&G for Manchester 3 days before concert. From what I have found out the M&G usually takes place when the support band are playing. You will get another email on day of concert to tell you where to go to get in (again its normally inside venue so you don’t need to queue up early or anything) You can’t take selfie with band but you can take vids and photos of other ppl in line - TIP* swap ur camera with someone else at M&G and vid/take pics of the other ppl - that way you get your pics on ur camera !!


Thanks for the info! Will be getting my bro to take pictures lol… That’s if I ever get this email!!! :pensive: