Meet & Greet O2 London 24.NOV.14


Hey guy’s,

I noticed everyone got there M&G for the 23rd show this morning, since the launch of LPU XIV thhere has obviously not been a lot of talk about upcoming shows,

I am getting extremely excited now, who else is attending and who has applied for a M&G?


I hoping to get meet and greet heard nothing yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Did anyone get confirm about mg?


I won m&g! So happy! :slight_smile:


I also have a confirmation :slight_smile:


I won too! :smile: I found out around 12am and I could not sleep without thinking about meeting them! so excited :smiley:


I still didnt get my one…is there anyone I can contact to get info?

Btw. Guys what time is the m&g and where is the meeting point?


I just check-in in My hotel near 02 arena, now is time party! I still not get any info about The m&g.??! Only information about you can buy linkin park seat for 25 pound. ?!, i have already paid full price of m&g.


So it seems not only me havent got the info yet.
Where did u buy ur ticket? LPU?


I bought My Ticket with groundctrl login with Facebook ,
Edit : where is The Box Office ?


I’m going to the M&G tomorrow. Really excited as it’s my first LP show ever and I’ve wanted to see them for at least 10 years now :slight_smile: Hopefully I won’t miss any of my connections, it’s a long drive from Cornwall :smiley:


O2 arena…main enterance turn left as you walk in.
Btw I got an email already…confirmed Im meeting LP crew tmr


vibrating with excitement …


Hey i have been selected for Meet and Greet too, but no further information received so far. Anyone know location for meet and greet or check in time?


I have also been selected :slight_smile: see you there :slight_smile: