Meet & Greet Oberhausen


Hey Guys,

awesome Concert tonight in Oberhausen soooo good.

I bought a Meet & Greet VIP Package, but now I wondering where the photos are…
I found the photos of the Lottery Winners but not the others.
That guy Justin told us that the would be on, but I can´t find them… or am I just to stupid…please help meeeeee I am so excited to see them!!!



I can’t find the pictures too!!! I’m dying if I won’t get them!


@Chicken1502 Have you found the photos?


Relax, its gonna take some time.

The M&G pictures with the LPU are already online under MEDIA/PHOTOS/Meet and Greet


I´m just confused, because Justin told us yesterday he would upload them right after the Meet & Greet and we would definetely have them right after the concert…


i just checked the page and there’s nothing there…
Maybe you should write a mail to LPUHQ?


You can find the pics here:


Thaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuu!!!