Meet & Greet Oberhausen?!


Looks like that there will be Meet & Greet in Tel Aviv but I haven’t seen anything about other cities (yet)…:neutral_face:


M&Gs haven’t been announced yet, they will later I am sure.


How do you apply or register for a meet and greet please for hangar 11 ? I don’t know why it gave me the option on FB and when I clicked on it ,it froze I think it was MSHND.COM


Like mentioned above, m&gs are not open for RSVP yet. What you probably saw was the early entry contest. In order to apply for that (and later on for the m&g) you need to be an active LPU member (aka have a paid membership). If so, you can just do it on the main website.


Ok I don’t think I paid for a LPU this year at least being honest I bought a packet deal of one year in 2017 with One more light and gave me one year membership a shirt a CD a pin and a downloadable .


Can I also take part in the early entry contest for Hamburg? If if there is one, where?


Nothing announced until now