Meet & Greet Offenbach


Me too :grinning: Just a few hours left


Enjoy the show guys!!! :tada: :tada: :sun_with_face: :tada: :heart:
(And tell us how it goes!! :grin: )


Yeahhhh we will tell you :heart_eyes::tada: thanks @lpfan61, when we saw him in Paris Was already amazing…


Hey, I need your help. I was lucky to be chosen for the meet and greet but I did not get the second email yet, which says the time we have to met. Can anyone tell me when and where the M&G starts because I am afraid to not get this mail because of my email provider.



people told me that a second mail with all details will be sent at the same day the concert is but I don’t know of it’s true


yes it is…i had two meet and greets and they send ir about 3 hrs begore


It starts to be more crowded now


How many People more or less? :slight_smile:


That’s cool!! :star_struck: :grin: :sun_with_face:


I’m not in Offenbach but some of my teammates from MSG are there :slight_smile:


Hello @Nongi, stupid question because I didn’t pay attention to the pictures before but, when you were in Offenbach did you have number 60on Your hand ?


Yes, I did! :blush: Did we meet? :see_no_evil:
Tell me your name please! <3


Hey @Nongi Sorry I’m so late… My life is a mess at the moment… Yes we met ! I was number 70! When we were in the queue (a bit before we passed control) You gave me those few little plastic pcs for the wristband, look at my profile picture it’s my t-shirt, my name is Kimiiiiiii and you


Ha, I remember you! :slight_smile: My name is Manon. :blush:

Btw is there anyone here, who knows Loo?
We were sitting together and chatting in the queue and I lost contact when we had to move away from the entrance…


I don’t know Who is Loo, is She the girl with the pant with the squares ? Enchanted Manon @Nongi


No, Loo was a guy. :smiley:
I wanna say he’s from the Netherlands, but I’m not a hundred percent sure. xD Could be Belgium as well.


Oups… Then I don’t know… I hope you will find him


@Nongi maybe you check the facebook group for offenbach? Maybe someone can help you :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip, I found him! :blush:


You’re welcome :yum: