Meet & Greet question


Just a quick question. Do we need our membership card to attend meet & greets? My membership pack never arrived after I last signed up and I’m hoping to get a Melbourne m&g.
I attended a m&g in 2003 but can’t remember if I needed my card then.
Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


No - you just need photo ID apparently. Adam has a M&G FAQ page which is very handy - was looking at it yesterday as I’m hoping to do the M&G in Brisbane.

Try this link -

Are you going to Soundwave or the sidewave in Melbourne?


I’m going to Soundwave And the Sideshow. I’ve booked the week off work And everything. Have to be well rested for these sorts of things :slight_smile:


Unfortunately we only get soundwave…will have to go twice as hard!