Meet&Greet Rock am Ring


So, who will be there?:slight_smile: Hope to see some people from 2012 again:P


I’ll be there - same as back in 2012 :wink:


i will be there too, but i’ll see them the first time Yeayyy


Haha ok, It must be my 8th Linkin Park Concert so far^^ and 2nd M&G :slight_smile:


I´ll be there too :slight_smile:


Got my confirmation-mail some weeks ago and I will be there too :slight_smile:
Did you guys have already joined our facebook group, where we discuss some stuff about the meeting point etc…
We decided to meet up the day before the M&G :slight_smile:
Check out the group :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to see y’all


I’ll be there too. Its my First this Year :slight_smile:


Dennis what is the Name of the Group ?


Im going to! second time at the ring!


I’ll be there too, also my first time. Not only at the M&G but at a concert and the Ring in general:)