Meet up near Kentucky


OK so there’s been a lot of talk about the October 27 concert for Chester. Its crazy but I want to go, not as crazy as me not going to a concert BUT!!! crazy that it will take a 14 hours bus ride to get there. The money is taking care of, I just need someone to go with.

I’ve never gone this far away from home and also I’ve never been on a bus like this by myself. And also family members who cannot make it, are not too keen of me going on a bus ride to LA by myself for a concert and come back by myself. It scares them and it scares me.

So I came up with a suggestion if anybody is going to this concert, to do like a meet up like in Henderson, Kentucky or in Evansville, Indiana. There is a bus station near those two and I have family in Indiana. That would be my best bet and then I can travel with he or she… le coughy I’ll feel much better with a girl. Travel with that person up to LA. Get a hotel room there for one night and then go to the show and leave the next day.


I’m sticking my nose where I shouldn’t lol but shouldn’t there be a disclaimer by you about spontaneous attacks?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Silence gerbil face


:joy::rofl: c’est moi while you insult me

I’m very happy to know you’re going


le cough I have someone to go with now. Thanks gerbil @jFar920


I too am also traveling from far to this show! From NB Canada. I made a Facebook group for people attending concert to connect :slight_smile:
Feel free to join!


Scratch that…I’m in the water again. I need a traveling buddy.