Meeting Bands at the Airport


This is gonna sound crazy but has anyone ever gone to the airport to meet a band? I have, I meet The Wanted (British band… Glad You Came, Chasing The Sun) I literally got together with a whole bunch of The Wanted fans and got like the airport and flight/gate the band was coming to and I met them last month on the 17th :)) but anyways my point is has anyone met Linkin Park at the airport or ever tried? because omfg it would be AMAZING if we could join up to do that fyi I’m from Chicago but maybe others can team up in diff states. Yep that’s my idea and I really want to meet em at the airport, that way you get more 1 on 1 with the members.


Never thought about it :o I’d totally do that if they ever came to Norway.


As scarily creepy as that sounds, I’d totally do it. The problem here is, Linkin Park doesn’t come here…ever, so I would actually have to hop on a plane to another airport to hunt them down :stuck_out_tongue: Otherwise, nope never stalked any bands at the airport xD i’d do it though


That’s a little intense… plane rides can be stressful and annoying, and Linkin has a terribly good habit of going country to country days in a row… let them have their moments of smooth traveling haha.


Just a thought, when i did it i went when they were leaving chicago so the plane trip wasnt stressful for that part lol and it’s a lil strange and creep but it’s worth it and i’m glad some of you would do it [smile][biggrin]


In my (that’s important [smile]) opinion it’s too much.
There are concerts, m&g’s, summits. Is it not enough? I am not sure they want to be followed 24/7… (some people wait for them before and after concerts, flights, etc.)


LP has own airport :smiley: they dont use public airport ! :smiley:


I won’t “fishing” them at the aiport. They are famous, but after all, they have a privat live. Just imagine, you where famous and you can’t go anywhere without be intercepted by fans or reporters. I won’t like that myself. I guess it’s appropriate, to respect LP’s privacy.


If i was famous I’d love it! I do respect them, and their privacy it’s just that without them I would have killed myself. I’m a totally different person now. I just want to tell them that personally… there’s a chance I won’t meet them at the airport since they use “private” ones. But I can hope.


The Wanted for instance talked to all of the fans, for at least a half hour. Without fans a band would be literally nothing. M&G’s are great and Summits too but not everyone gets picked for the M&G’s and not everyone has the money to go to a Summit. Unless you’ve actually met a band at the airport, you won’t understand what it means. Not to offend anyone but it’s true. I was just bringing up an idea and hoping for feedback.


Maybe you are right and the musicians love that. I just can imagine, how I personally would feel after a 13 hour flight and proceeding from one appointment to another.

Well, I don’t know the band The Wanted, you met at the airport. Maybe they are not such popular as Linkin Park and that’s why they are very happy to get picked up by their fans by any chance?

For sure Linkin Park love to meet their fans. No doubt. But I wouldn’t overwork their appreciation for us. If somebody is trying to meet LP somewhere. That’s ok, try your luck. Maybe I’am totally wrong in this case, but all I wanted to say is, that I wouldn’t do that.


Don’t take this too personal, but how would you like it, if you were dog-tired and motion sick and some kid would come over and demand your love? I don’t think they (always) like to be followed around. Besides, I suppose celebrities have their own planes and departure halls, because otherwise, gurmy fests may happen as some fans don’t respect the artists’ private lives. Chasing the guys around is very tempting, I know, but in my opinion it would be nicer (and more true) to give them some space. Travelling can be very stressful and exhausting, so you may want to meet them in a situation in which they’d be more comfortable, like on M&Gs or summits. Or you’ll get lucky and accidentally run into them someday, who knows. -Pickles


As cool as it would be to meet them, at the airport sounds a bit too stalker-ish to me.


nope, never met someone special at the airport :slight_smile:


I didn’t think about it, but my friend on a trip to London was just walking through the park when he saw Iron Maiden’s guitarist having a walk :open_mouth: ofc he has a photo together…

When I think about this - I’m famous, I want to relax, I go to the park and each time 2 or 3 guys ask for autograph or photo - noone will leave you alone. That would be really annoying…

But on the other hand, if LP traveled by regular planes I would go for a trip just to have a flight with them ^^


It’s fun reading all of these. I love how some of you guys really respect the Band and all they do for they’re fans. Some of you are right it would be annoying to be followed everywhere and etc. But it’s some peoples dreams just to have a chance with their heroes. like i said before a band is nothing with out there fans. It’s my dream to meet them whether at the airport, M&G, or Summit, or some random place in my life. but yeah, all this feed back is great.


most ppl dont meet bands at the airports… they go there to stalk! bands at the airport… they know when bands are coming home or leaving… bad bad fans take those lil opportunities to go and stalk their favorite members or the whole band.


Most people aren’t me :). I dont “stalk” the whole band, i just surprise welcome them to Chicago, sounds crazy ik. but its a chance of a lifetime and its a free ticket to meet your heroes that’s all I’m sayin.