Meeting childhood heroes // Introduction


Hey everyone!
I have some questions concerning Meet and Greets and LPU in general, but seeing that this is my first topic in this forum, I guess an introduction is in order.
My name is Kai, I’m 21 years old (will be 22 this August) and I’m from Germany (half-English though).
I have been a fan of Linkin Park since a couple months after the release of Hybrid Theory, so it’s been a while now… [biggrin]
Needless to say, the band has had a HUGE influence on my entire childhood, so eventually I got to see them live a few times.
I previously used LPU 9 (yup, that has been a while, too) and by doing so won a Meet & Greet for the Cologne concert of the ATS tour, back in 2010.
Unfortunately due to the fact that I read the email on the same day as the actual show and time issues, I couldn’t make it to the M&G - an opportunity sadly missed!

Now, I am gonna see the band at 2 shows of the upcoming European tour and I thought this might be a great time to renew my LPU membership - as most of you probably do too, I still really want to meet the 6 guys who not only produce music that I enjoy, but who have also shaped the way I view things in many ways.

My question concerning M&G’s is basically whether there still is the option of a lottery (as there used to be with LPU9) and if so, how likely it is these days to actually be chosen. (Obviously you can’t give me an EXACT answer, but maybe you were unlucky in the past, so I’d appreciate any “recent” experiences regarding M&G’s).

This community still seems very friendly to me and I’m convinced I will enjoy my stay… [smile]

Cheers, Kai


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