Meetup Lounge


does anyone know about the meetup lounge. I bought one for the Dallas show and I dont know how early I need to be there. All it said is pick up your ticket from will call? Very confused about this. Can anyone help me?


I bought in for the Lounge for the Mansfield show, and from my most recent email messages it appears you have to check in about half an hour to one hour before general gate time, and that there will be a special members check-in table or booth set up to handle getting in. From what I’ve read, it seems you get a wristband for access to the Lounge. That’s what I’ve gathered about it, anyway.


For the Camden show last night, premium ticket packages with will call were instructed to arrive 4:30pm (2 hours prior) with early entry at 5pm. Presuming your meet-up lounge is the same, I would say that is a safe bet. You should receive an email the week of the event, and then a few more messages the day before and day of event with complete itinerary. They raffled off a sound/speaker system, which you had to be present for. That took place at 7pm during AFI’s performance. Complimentary burgers, dogs, fixins’ and finger foods such as cut vegies and candy, along with non-alcoholic beverages were offered. If you have a meet -n- greet package, that took place at 8pm during 30 Seconds to Mars performance. It was a pretty chill atmosphere. You will also be able to purchase merchandise early. Good luck and enjoy!!!