Melbourne Meet and Greet 27/2/13


Hi i was the guy with the guitar that Joe was drawing on.
Wondering if anybody had any pics of me getting it drawn on



Hey, my son went in (little fella with the black LP top on) he said the lady that was wonderful enough to take him under her wing (Tammy) might have got a few. She’s going to text us through a few photos, if she hasn’t already seen this I’ll let her know you’re looking.


I too would like to know if anyone was able to get photo’s of Mike Drawing on my arm, i mean having photo’s & a video taken by Mike himself of the finished work are great, i just wanted to know if there were any photos of him actually in the act of drawing


Hi David, I seem to have one decent picture (the rest were blurry) - do you have an email address I can send it to?


I was near the front of the line where Chester and Mike went first. Was anyone taking pictures of them and happened to get me in the shot? I have light brown hair and was wearing a black singlet. and silver necklace, I would be so happy and appreciative. I am hanging out for the group photos to be posted.


Hey I remember you! :slight_smile:
I was the guy with the curly hair that asked Joe whether or not the band was scoring the movie he directed. (His reply was: “What’s with these questions?”) :slight_smile:
I remember talking to the little boy and Tammy too!


Ha Ha, I remember that. Joe was funny. It was a day I will never forget.


Yeah it was perfect! :slight_smile:
To be with a group of people who love the same thing, nobody angry or against each other. Hanging out with our idols.
Hope we all meet again in 2015 or 2016 :slight_smile:


I think, this was a perfect night. You’re lucky.


Brinley is still reeling!
Getting his tshirt and tickets framed this week and he has a new dedication to guitar lessons :slight_smile:
He tells me he was “super nervous” at first, but felt much better when the guys all acted like “just normal people”, haha!


I’m getting my T-shirt framed too, with ticket, M&G pass and group picture(If they ever post it)


I have plenty of them!


I was there! PS. Just to give you guys an advance warning… I’m going to be uploading the entire performance (video) to YouTube within the next two weeks, so keep an eye out :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome Mikatron - will keep an eye out for that!


Was a wicked night


Meet and Greet Photo is up guys - take a look!


Yo guys! My recording of the entire show is 80% up on YouTube as we speak… another few hours to go and it’ll be there - I’ve included video at the end of it from the meet and greet, so some of you might see yourselves in there… David, I know you’ll be very happy :slight_smile:


What is your youtube name, so I can look it up… or post the link for one of these videos to get me started!


I’ve got a photo of the guitar and the arm being drawn on :slight_smile:
Email me and I’ll send them to you. They’re on my phone atm, so I’ll have to get them off. They aren’t fantastic quality