Membership doubt LPU


Hi guys
I feel my ignorance but I’m new in my lpu account , I would like to know how that media could be used to pay the membership in Mexico .
I would appreciate it very much if I say
I say goodbye bye.


You are confusing something here. You are NOT a LPU member if you don’t have a paid account. You are just a part of the community.

If you want to buy a membership, go to the store and choose the bundle of your choice. Follow the steps (billing, shipping, etc) and you’ll have access to everything LPU related.


Thanks for the clarification EvoOba


Hi Hannia, maybe you can try to be a digital membership, only pay USD10 and you have to be member for 1 year :smiley:


Actually that’s not a 100% true
I got an email saying try LPU for free on a 2 week trail (try before you buy)
So they could be LPU-er just needs help becoming a full member


Yeap, trying it out first is an option although you don’t have access to the media, the chat and all that. You can just lurk around.


Thanks for the information to all