Memorial for Chester from Linkin Park


Hey guys!
So, what do you think the guys are organizing?
I think it’s gonna be some kind of tribute concert… but I really wanna know when it will be. Planning on flying from Germany to the US for this sooo yeah…
Found this on Twitter yesterday, so I’m assuming it’s gonne be around the 20th?!

What do you think? :slight_smile:


very exciting share man, maybe it’s the first concrete hint or a prank… we will know in time…
and maybe it’s around x-mas?? Nice thread for speculations and visions :grinning:


I don’t think it’s a prank. Why would they postpone their memorial for nothing? :slight_smile:

I just wish there’d be some more news so that we could start planning…

And thanks! Can’t wait for more theories and speculations!


I don’t think that they know the date. But BECAUSE lp announced that they will do something they will keep things slow…


Yea u are right they don’t know but i love to go


But why would they postpone it just because the guys are planning something god knows when?

I kinda think they may have contacted them or something. I don’t know. Something’s fishy :wink:


i bet that concert is going to be packed if its going to take place outside thanks for sharing


They are going to something for chester but they don’t know rhe date yet because they getting thing done and planning stuff like that takes time to do. Phoenix already said that they are building a future Linkin Park


I would not be pranking anyone regarding Chester. Please be careful in your words.

My information and fundraiser is for a fan memorial. Please patiently wait for the band to announce more details on the official memorial.


Everyone is just on edge, many of us haven’t made it to any tributes or memorials :cry: and are really hoping to make it to the one the guys are preparing


Hey headstrong0510, I’m also planning to fly from Germany to L.A. for the memorial event! :slight_smile:
Hope the date gets set soon… Anyway, would you mind to share your plans with me? Cause I’ve never been to the US before and I’m pretty sure I’ll be freaking out if I have to go there all alone without knowing anyone. :sweat_smile:


Heey. Great to hear, so my friend and I aren’t the only crazy ones :wink: Well, we don’t have any real plans yet, since there is no date or anything. Maybe that’s why we’re waiting so desperately for any news… without a date there’s no plan…