Memorial thing for Chazzy?


Hey guys! July 20th is coming up, and I was wondering if anybody would like to get together, or do something to remember Chester. I live near San Francisco, so if anyone’s heard anything like this, please let me know!


Let me know if anything materializes!
@annejprado is in sf so she might be up for it


I haven’t heard of anything in san Francisco, but I have discovered a link to a bunch of memorials happening


Yeah, are you going to the San Jose one?


Probably. It’s only about 30 min away from where I live.


Ok, I’ll plan on being there too then,
Probably will be there late but will leave right after work and should be alright
Any chance you were part of a group that met here in sac a few months back?


Don’t think so, sorry. The only group I met up with was one in San Francisco. Maybe your group would like to come?


Yeah I’m sure word will get around, I’m actually not on fb I just heard of that one from a gal who texted me off here, she’s in San Jose so I’m guessing she might be the one involved with that one
I’ll see you there though, look forward to meeting you :slight_smile: I’m francisco


Nice to meet you, Francisco, I’m Emily


Hey Emily @undeadpark,
I got word that there will be a meeting in Berkeley tomorrow at 8pm in case it’s closer to you… also @annejprado idk if you’re thinking of going to any
As far as I know there’s at least a dozen people going-idk how the San Jose one is going to be organized

The Berkeley one is at oxford and center (northeast corner),
I’ll be going to that one since its closer and I have to take off for work the next day…

I apologize for the late info


Dang, that sucks, I already made plans for the San Jose one. Ah well…


San Jose is too far for me plus I don’t have a car anymore so it would be hard for me :grin:


Thanks for the invite I would have loved to go to one of those it sounds so exciting :smiley: