Memorials for Chester - Italy


Hi everyone.
I’m pretty sure most of you have already seen all the events that are being created right now on Facebook, but maybe someone hasn’t. So, I created this topic just to let you guys know that, for now, we have memorials/tributes/flashmobs organised for these cities: Roma, Pisa, Bari, Padova, Modena, Palermo, Monza, Genova, Caserta, Torino, Milano, Firenze, Napoli, and probably events in Verona, Siena and Bergamo too are about to come. Something is also to be organised for Marche/Abruzzo, but I don’t know if they’ve already picked a location at the moment.
Every city has its own day and time for its event, so please for all further information look for the location you may be interested in on fb.
I’m gonna be tomorrow afternoon in Milano, Piazza del Duomo, h 15.30. Hope to see some of you there, soldiers. Hold on.


which FB site? I dont see anything on the “Linkin Park” FB page


This is completely unofficial, you’ll have to look for the indipendente events on Facebook, there’s nothing on the offical pages like Linkin Park or Linkin Park Italia. I suggest you have a look also in the groups called Linkin Park Soldiers, Eventi Linkin Park Italia and Flashmob Linkin Park Italia. You just have to found the right event that will take place in your city, that’s all.