Merkules - In The End Remix (RIP Chester Bennington)


One of the best things that someone can do in this very sad moment.
Thank you Merk! You are a true fan. After his post on 07/20 his and LP fans went wild voting for tribute/cover in his kind a style…and he did it.

Merkules via facebook: (in this moment facebook video link has around 1 million views / 30000 shares)

“I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression most of my life and I have severe panic attacks almost everyday and have relied on alcohol on and off for quite some time to ‘‘feel better’’. I’ve tried the medication but I don’t like relying on it. I’ve tried changing everything in my life and still can’t seem to beat it. It comes and goes but when it comes, it comes. After hearing about Chester Benningtons passing as well as so many other suicide cases recently it inspired me to write about my issues and my everyday battle. I was a huge Linkin Park fan growing up so it felt only right to cover one of their classics in hopes that other people struggling might hear it and relate to it. Much love guys.
Shot and Edited by Stephen Donahue”