Merry Christmas LPU


I would just like to wish everyone in LPU a very Merry Christmas, I’d like to thank Linkin Park for helping me through the most hardest time in my life, my dog has recently been put down, right before Christmas, and all the joy in my life is slowly slipping away. Linkin Park has been so helpful, listening to you guys brings me comfort, the intensity of all your lyrics have always been so relative to so many aspects of my life, but now more then ever. Thankyou for being you, sticking true to yourselves because of that you’ve helped me through the most difficult stages by writing my every thought in the best possible songs, I can honestly say I do not know where I would be without you and your music. I could go for days but I have already written enough, to keep it simplistic Thankyou for being my number one support system and for making Christmas bearable. I love you guys, and I love you Chaz the love of my life x