Message for chester


Mr. Chester Bennington:

You were and still are the voice for a lot of people who can’t speak. Who won’t speak. The way you laid your own life out on tracks with these melodies was amazing. I’ve heard powerful voices. But your voice is just undeniable. Thank you for making music that spoke to a generation. Thank you for what you did for your brothers in LP. Thank you for what you did for us; the fans. Thank you for being the person we could speak to when we weren’t okay. You will live on through all of us through the music you contributed to. None of our lives will be the same, but we’ll keep yours going through our headphones. I was supposed to see you today in concert and I’m sorry that I will now never get that chance. But I’m an LP fan through and through. I will still be supporting your brothers. I hope that you’re up there with Jesus rocking out. You’ll never be forgotten. Not by your family. Not by your band. Not by your fans. And surely not by me.

Viya Con Dios, Legend