Messed up M&G Photo Stuttgart 2014


Hello Linkin Park Fans,

I have to apologize to you guys!

It´s my fault that Chester doesn´t look at the camera on all three M&G group photos of the lottery winners.

I didn´t have myself under control and I am sorry that I was so egoistical and just started talking to him when I have seen him…
Honestly I didn´t realize that the camera man was already shooting pictures while I annoyed Chester.
I am really sorry for you guys and I hope that you get another chance someday or at least had a nice M&G with the band.

I don´t really know how to make it better again for you. If you know something, tell me.
I promise to stay away from the guys on photos in the future. …

I love you, guys and it was a really nice time with you!