Rockin forever, simple as that. Metallica and LP fill my iPod.


I had the chance to see them on 2010 and this year.
It was the best experience for me because i had to “travel” to another town to see them again.

I’m in the Metallica family as well. The have an exclusive club like LPU… it is amazing.


See them in Juni Hamburg “Metallica by Request” it was fucking great.
Playlist votet by the Fans !!!
Think somthing LP can do as well !!![biggrin]


Ok I am about the date myself, but the first time I saw Metallica was when I was 18yrs old and they were touring with Gun’s and Roses and Body Count. I had pit tickets and was the only girl in our group going. It was awesome! I have been a fan since the Black Album or maybe even longer, not sure. Too long ago!
Since then I have seen them a couple more times, even got to see them with Linkin Park on the Summer Sanitarium Tour! And I love them still don’t get me wrong, but I think over the last 5yrs or so my tastes have changed cause I don’t find myself listening to them very much, if much at all. My I-Pod is filled with LP, 30STM’s, Blue October, 21 Pilots, and a million others. But if they come on the radio I won’t change the channel, I usually turn it up. Oh and also a few months ago I found their video/documentary/movie (whatever you want to call it) on NetFlix and I was watching and looked over and my daughter who is 2yrs old was headbanging! I didn’t teach her that! And she has never been around it, must have been something she learned in the womb. I even got it on video! lol! Wow, didn’t expect that to be so long, sorry! So yeah I guess you could say I like them, lol!


I’ve been a nut for Metallica since …And Justice For All came out. First saw them with Queensrÿche at the Hartford (CT) Civic Center on St. Patrick’s Day '89, and then again at Lake Compounce Festival Park in Bristol, CT that July, where the fans tore the fence down when the band came on stage. Been following them ever since, have nearly all of their stuff in one format or another, and saw both Summer Sanitarium tours in Foxboro (one at the old stadium, the other at the new one) plus the co-headliner with Guns 'N Roses. To say I’m a fan isn’t quite sufficient, although I’m not so deeply into them that I’d be an otaku-no-Metallica. (That I have the Black Album on DVD-Audio should say something for that, at least.) I only wish they didn’t take so long between albums and tours to come around, since it’s now been 5-1/2 years since they last played in Boston and they took about 4-1/2 years before that. (Even the guys admitted as much, at the end of the last Boston gig.) Still, I anticipate their next album with great expectations, and hope they come back around here soon.