MEXICAN soldiers are MAD ANGRY


I’m talking in voice of (almost) all mexicans LPUers… or last experiences are not being so good.

First of all, the LPU early entry was just a second of didn’t happen because the doors of the mx city concert was going to be opened without let us get in first. Thanks to Edith (an LPUer who slept in the arena) that she kicked the doors to stop secutiry opened them before we get in, is it wasn’t for her… we didn’t get the early entry.

The meet and greet was not… good… there were no group pictures.





:’( we will have to buy it in TEPITO :’( I wanted the original one but piracy is there when your band managers are not T_T





LP we really love you guys, we were waiting for you for 10 years!
I’m not angry at all, I’m really, really sad.
I loved meet & greet, but in other countries this has been totally different (I’d say so much better)


Step back and think about what you’re complaining about. “All” the countries may be up, but for USA, we did not get every state. Is anyone denouncing their love for Linkin? No.

Early entry was a disaster at almost EVERY venue, and it’s also the venue that handles it.

Linkin Park do not choose where to play, so whether they’ve been somewhere every year or haven’t been there in ten years- it’s not their doing.

They do not decide which shows to upload- as a matter of fact, if the venue wants to make money, it’s the venue that prohibits the download of the show.

I went to two HCT shows, and both were a terrible disaster up until we stood at the barricade, and neither show is available for download. STILL one of my best nights.

And the meet & greets- not every one has been great. Some were rushed, some had the guys tired and grumpy, some had rude people. They do so much, yet they make a bit of a slip and you attack.

Appreciate them more.


AND, I know the violence in Mexico is not in all the regions, but they still went during a bad, unsafe time. My father would rather shoot me himself than let me visit Mexico these days. Think about that while you say they treat you badly…


Some LP fans from other countries don’t even get to experience the opportunity to see them in concerts… You should be grateful & appreciative that they even performed in your country… I think they do their best to please their fans!

  1. You are no soldiers. You are whiny children, so stop calling yourselves that. It is an affront to all men and women in arms who help to protect our countries from alien threats. Stop doing it, pussies.

  2. If you think that LP are mean to your fans, then either leave, or do something about it. May I remind you that this is solely your promoter’s fault? If you cannot handle concerts like this one, maybe you should not get any more.


Be grateful:

  1. That you got to see Linkin Park live
  2. That you had an opportunity to get Meet and Greet
  3. That you actually got selected to participate in Meet and Greet!

No other bands anywhere else are doing that for their fans. So stop whinnying!



Be grateful that you got to see them at all, no to mention meet them in person! how many other bands are doing Meet and Greet? None!
please, stop whinnying, and say thank you Linkin Park for this awesome opportunity!


I also think that you’re overreacting. I guess it’s not always in the hand of LP how the concerts take place. I guess they are not involved in every detail for sure. If the promotor has planned poorly, than probably isn’t much time for the M&G. Well, for us fans, that isn’t ideal, if all goes in a hurry and with little time. But you shouldn’t forget, that it’s equally or even more stressful for the band themselves. But regardless of that fact, they don’t cancel such hectic meetings, because of their love and appreciation to us fans. So please calm down.

On the other hand, I can understand you a little bit. You maybe have the chance to see LP live just once in your life. And than you realize, that there is no early entry. I don’t know, how often this shit happens. But that could certainly be improved. I have no experience with that and I don’t know, how many people from LPHQ follow the band on tour. But it should be possible that somebody of the staff, has the doors in mind and keep in touch with the responsible persons.

Maybe there are countries, where the organization of such an big venue is not so regimented, so that many things are a bit more chaotic as usual. And maybe it is like this in Mexico…


yeaaah i know, you should be greatful beacuse LP has visited you city hahahaha :smiley:


yeaaah i know, you should be greatful beacuse LP has visited you city hahahaha :smiley:


omfg, DON’T RENEW to lpu 12 then :slight_smile: You got LP show, you got M&G, yet you’re moaning like you got nothing. Expect next show there in like… never hahaha


hey im mexican and i went to the concert i used the lpu early entrance and i get on the first row, and im not angry neither sad i know the concert wasnt like we spected but we had a concert!!:wink: and the band is not bad with us, maybe they were afraid of us or another thing

No se awiten soldiers, hay que esperar a que pongan el concierto en la pagina! ademas hay que tener fe en que nos van a recompenzar!!!


FYI the show i went to, 8/15/12 had no M&G photo, its was rushed, and no download


Please, you’ve got to be kidding me. Are you actually getting mad because of that? Seriously. I cried because I didn’t make it to the m&g and you’re mad because you don’t have a picture, come on. At least you met them, stop complaining.
Next time use the early entry, I did and I was in the first row and I met them in the airport and the hotel, give another kid the chance to use the m&g.


I would have gave anything for a M&G or to b n the pit but I settled for jus goin to the concert shit I’m sooooooo grateful for that expirence a day I will NEVER forget LP has nothing to do with what goes on at the gate their trying to prepare for their show for a fan to give up on them when they have nothing to do with what went on outside well ur not true LP fan and u never were


Oh and by the way I’m Mexican as well and I had a fucking blast!!! \m/


Stop complaining man! I’m mexican and i was at the show and i get the M&G, i had the most amazing day in my life! i know it’s kinda sad that we didn’t get a group photo and maybe we won’t get a DSP either but it’s ok, i’m grateful because i’ve attended to the show, i thought we wouldn’t see them again here but we did, plus is not their faul. So no, you don’t speak for me.