MFR Birthday Challenge Chester & Joe 2015


So, I participated in the Birthday Challenge for Chester & Joe with Music For Relief. Well, I did my best & got a surprise in the mail recently. A signed picture from Chester arrived at my home & I was the one winner of the signed picture. I still can’t believe I won! I wanted to share because i’m super stoked about it. Makes me one happy girl :slight_smile:


They still haven’t said when the loser is taking a cake to the face.


They did that on Raw :3 it was funny :3


I think they forgot about it, it’s been a year and a half already. At least we got to see Mike and Dave fool around in their costumes.


Or they waited to long and did it on purpose. You know they did the same thing on SmackDown where John Cena had to come out and say AJ Styles is better and he didn’t and AJ didn’t say anything… Gosh dang WWE buttfaces -.-


I’ve no idea what you just said :stuck_out_tongue:


Something to do with fake fighting as far as I can tell.


Shut up!!! It’s not fake it’s a show! Buttsniffer. Yeah some hits are pulled back but they are a family trying to entertain their audience. When someone dies or whatever on a tv show is that person really dead in real life? No!!!

@evooba it’s wrestling :3

Robot boy is being mean to me can you get him ;-;


Ahh… I don’t watch wrestling. I’m clueless.


Translation of the above: IT’S NOT FAKE, here’s how it’s fake…

That’s some nice contradiction you got there :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s ok ;D I can clue you in :B