MFR volunteers at concert?


How many of you guys were a MFR volunteers at the previous LP concerts? What were your guy’s experiences like? I will be a MFR volunteer at the Sept 5 concert.


I actually wanted to volunteer for the same date. Are there still spots for this?


I was a volunteer in indianpolis and I had a great time! There were 7 of us. I actually volunteered with my husband, my nephew & his uncle. I had already known another volunteer from a show I had met him at & he was so great. We each had our own roles & worked well together. My husband was the crowd getter, I worked with another volunteer on the one side. He showed everyone how the solar suitcase worked. We accepted donations for music for relief and sold the solar lightbulbs and refillable water bottles. Brita supplied water stations for everyone to fill their bottles.

All in all, I wish I was able to volunteer at more shows. I am definitely going to volunteer again in the future.
I am interested in music for relief & all the initiatives they stand for.

Hope this helps!