Mike hope you aren't falling apart


Devastated with Chester’s passing, Mike must have been struggling with great sorrow. The situation is even worse: Without Chester, it’s hard to tell where Linkin Park belongs. These things come like a perfect storm. It’s hard to imagine how Mike could settle this. I feel great sympathy for him. Maybe he is a little better now, yet the sadness is far from disappearing. I only hope Mike will be all right.:slightly_frowning_face:


@nickandrewliu I just pray Mike is ALWAYS surrounded by love and support. He’ll slowly walk through this valley one day at a time. We need to give him time to grieve and heal. Respect him and the band as they support one another. He will get through it. Rob, Joe, Phoenix, and Brad are there for him as well as their fans. I hope Mike knows we love him. I send all my love to them.