Mike in Luxembourg Who is going?


Hi, will there be a flashmob in Lux? that would be niceeee!!


Honestly have no idea but would it would be fun
We have been joking about singing head shoulders knees and toes on Twitter ever since the tour started :slight_smile:



I also go to the show =)


Yes :blush: i bought it first Day of pre sale too, when I saw that all the links were available for the other shows, except the one in Luxembourg, Icontacted LUX and they sent me the link in an email :wink: I got them a bit before 10am :blush::blush: we saw Mike twice Last year, we can not wait for this one


Where do you come from in Belgium ?


We are from Dilbeek, near Brussels, and you?


Oh that’s a great idea! Thanks for replying so fast :slight_smile:


We’re from Liège, 100kms from you I think


I have some coloured sheets but i think that the Light doesn’t pass through so good… I don’t know if i need to buy some post it


Yes, something like that! I’m going with my little brother (19) by car :slight_smile:


That’s Nice :blush:, Will be there with my husband and one of my daughters


I cannot wait to finally meet the soldiers from Belgium


Me too, maybe we can bring something to recognize each other? :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you have Twitter so we can chat? @ficry13


No Twitter :frowning:


Belgium here… Can’t wait till march 23 :heart:


Don’t have a Twitter neither


We Will be a lot of soldier to meet that Day ! That is really Nice


Do you realize that you’re just the 4 person from Belgium that I know that will come to the show
well I don’t know you but you know what I mean