Mike in Luxembourg Who is going?


Really… 4?
For that alone we deserve a M&G :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hell yes!
I’m from Leuven and i know someone from brussel and dilbeek are also gooing…
But thas it for now.
Where you from?


I’m a big fat liar
you’re the fifth one
I forgot kimims2010 from Liège


I’m coming from Berlin. :blush:
Well not exactly, I’m attending the show in Amsterdam and will take the train to Lux from there, but I’m living in Berlin. ^^


Lucky you
I wanted to go to the show in Amsterdam
but my boss wouldn’t give me the day off
so that’s the reason I’m going to Lux


I’m coming with my twin sister from Germany. It would be really nice if we could meet each other :black_heart:


I’m from Belgium and I am going to Luxembourg with my little girl of 7 years old (she is a big fan of LP and Mike!).


I’m from Roeselare…


Hey yesss @biekebouillart don’t forget me I created thé post the first Day of presale :blush:




Hello @annick52, we’re coming with our 8years old daughter, Last year we did rockenseine and offenbach, we saw it’s OK and promised her she would come with us next time, she had tears in the eyes when she saw the ticket :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Fravaco, my husband worked in Izegem before, Just next to Roeselare


Je suis vraiment désolé j’ai pas fait exprès j’ai complètement zappé

How could I forget about you you’re a soldier we love you if it wasn’t for your we would’ve never have met


I really can not wait for the 23rd :blush:
Don’t worry @biekebouillart I was kidding :wink:


I know sweety. But sometimes I have to think before i text :rofl::heart_eyes::rofl:


Always think before you speak.:notes::notes::notes:. Watch the friends you keep​:musical_note::musical_note::notes:… Stay along… :notes::notes::notes:. :rofl:


Hi ! I’m also coming to the show in Lux with a friend ! We’re coming from Liege :grin:
It will be my first show as I’m not really fond of crowds ^^ But I’m sure it’s going to be alright :grinning:

How much in advance are you going to be ? I don’t when it’s a good time to get there ^^


i have same problem. In crouded place i get exaety attac.
je fait des malaise en group :slight_smile:


Welcome @melieles :blush:


My brother studies in Leuven :wink: