Mike in Luxembourg Who is going?


We’re getting more and more :slight_smile: my husband and I will arrive around midday and checkin into the hotel at first… and you guys?


We were thinking to leave about 10 am from Dilbeek (near Brussels)… We have a ride of 2h20 by car. About what time do you all think to arrive in Lux?


Same thing, probably around midday, we didn’t take a hotel, we plan to drive home after the concert, as we have two hours of road,the two Last time we had a bit more than four hours and to come back we were a bit tired, it was raining cats and dogs… And you ?


We are also driving back after the show, I want to be home Sunday with my babygirl and husband :blush:


driving home have to work sunday


I understand, my little baby Girl Will stay at home too, we come with the eldest… But she is dancing on mike’s music, I Will show you video when we Will meet next week :blush:, in few years she Will come with us too :heart_eyes:


how mutch is it for the hotel?


Back to reality


My sister and I will be there at midday too


That’s Nice we Will all meet !


Yes, of course :blush:


how many hour before you guys are going to the entrance? :slight_smile:


I think we go at midday🙂


Till now everybody tells midday


And you what do you think ?


Also around midday at the hotel… It will be busy in Luxembourg… :blush:


He’s from the area? Or just worked there?


He was working in Izegem at handsaeme machinery for some short time


Don’t know yet. I’ve never been to Luxembourg before so I guess I’ll decide Friday :blush: but maybe like 3 pm. Too early? Too late?


Don’t know, Will dépend on the weather too I think (or not)