Mike in Luxembourg Who is going?


I think thats a good time, I feel like its going to me much more relaxed than many other shows Ive been to before.


What do you mean by much more relaxed?


In Germany queing started very, very early, but those who were there first didnt enter first because of the security and people being unfair to eachother. It was chaos and just not worth waiting there all day.


I Heard from some friends that Cologne was like you said… Personally I went to Offenbach, some girl proposed to write numbers on the hands, but in the end People started to push and nobody respected, we arrived there between 10/30 and 11. If People had respect we would have make it first row… But…for Rockenseine we were first row :blush:


We arrived at the same time as you and were 5th or 6th row. So yeah, it was insane. Oberhausen was even worse


@juliaselina you were in Offenbach too ? This time I really would like to be at the front, because kid is even not 130 cms… If we’re behind too much People she Will not see anything…


Yes I was in Offenbach too, but that day We had to work so we arrived just at entry time and were also in the 5th row, just like in Cologne where we queued since 11am…


Wow, you did good, when I see how exhausted we were with the driving, queuing, plus I head some New treatment to take. But we queued with friends we met at Rockenseine and I need to say that we really had a good Day laughing all together, I would do it the same way :blush:


One week left :blush:


Yes, I’m so excited!!


Me tooooo we Just speak about that at home :blush:


For info, I bought à big package of post it for the flash mob :heart::blush:


Thank you that is really nice :heart:


I Will have around a thousand to share :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::yum:, and @lauraskovbjerg already did pcs from A4 sheets :grin:


I’m coming too. I live in Saarland, Germany. It’s only an 1 hour drive from here. I was in cologne last year too. And as far as I’m aware there’s another flashmob planed with cowbells😂


Correction : I Will have around two thousand


Really there is something like that planned ? Mike Will have an headache if 3000 People play cowbells :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. It is something planned for sure ? I can not understand and the German part under the English part


It basically says the same in German. It was posted in the Facebook group of the event, so I guess a few people will bring cowbells :rofl: I think it’s sooo funny.


those colours Will do ? I hope


Hi, my sister and I are from Saarland too🤗