Mike in Paris - 24.08.18


Welcome!! :sun_with_face: :smile:


Bienvenue ! :wink:


Welcome to the family @pourqouionfaitca we are happy to meet you there! It will be absolutely amazing :tada:


Thanks guys. I am looking forward to meeting you there!


Welcome to the LPU @pourqouionfaitca !

And I’m also at the Rock En Seine Festival! Bought my thalys tickets today and when my paycheck will arrive, I will buy the festival tickets! :slight_smile:


My boss is being a real bunghole about me wanting to take a few days off in August to go to Paris :frowning: Hopefully she’ll change her mind, though…


:scream: what happened?


Should we kidnapp you? To paris?:joy:


It is so unfair, a co worker has gone off on vacation for 3 weeks and when I request 1 week off in august, they go all “no no, we’re short staffed we can’t do that” like wtf !?!?!?!


I get the hint…i will send a black van to your work place😂


LOL! OK it is a deal. Beware, the security level is pretty high here :stuck_out_tongue:


Master Bitchy attitude @gatsie but can you go for a few days then or not at all??? :eyes:


Maybe I have to call in sick that day or something. I have to calculate it… So frustrating. :expressionless:


:flushed::roll_eyes::grimacing:… I pray for a way :pray:t2:… that sucks over the edge :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Got my Tickets . I’m so excited! I Cross my fingers for you @gatsie !!!


YAAAY :tada::tada: - that’s so great :smiley: we will have a great time - looking soo forward :heart_eyes: @OneMoreLight2017


I so want to go… I’m in such a dillemma right now because I’m afraid they will fire me :’(


But If you will go to a Doctor and get a sick note, than they couldn’t fire you, right? @gatsie


I just hope you find a way, I mean, one day they should be able to cover your absence… I keep my fingers crossed and go on praying. Btw guys, anybody already booked an accommodation?


I am hoping the best for you, would love to meet as many LPUers as possible