Mike in Paris - 24.08.18


Hey there !

I’m going to Rock en Seine too (the 24th of course) and I’m a lil bit afraid about being alone… I’m searching someone (or more!) who would accept to come with me ! (I imagine that’s the best place to ask)
Thanks for your anwsers, family!
See you :wink:


Seems like we’ll have the perfect weather for the show, not too hot and sunny! (Around 26-28 degrees). I might consider bringing a flannoda for the night…


That sounds like a good plan :blush:- I really start to get excited… it’s only 8 days :confetti_ball::tada::heart_eyes:- so cool… :heartbeat::heartpulse::heartbeat::heartpulse:


Hello everybody,

I’m New Here, I’m from Belgium, it’s nice to read you all ! Will be there too, I’m so excited… One more week to wait !


Heeey yooo @kimiiiiiii how nice you show up :tada:- welcome to the lpu… I hope you enjoy your time here in what we call our homebase :blush:… I know another soldier from Belgium is coming there too - @anvanoppens saw your answer to Mike on IG


Thanks @theearlywalker , yes I enjoy and I’m trying to use the forum :wink: , I’m not really used to those things , but it will be ok . I saw in the discussion somebody from Belgium too


Cool :blush: easiest way to get in contact here is the games section- we have a lot of easy but funny and sometimes weird games there- the OP explains the rules of each game- just jump in- no need to be shy… we are family :hugs:


Thanks, People really seem Nice Here, i will look a bit later, I can not see too much on my small screen… what time do you think that we should arrive there to have a good place, I’m so small I want to see the show :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mike’s set is early, 6:45pm so I’m hoping it won’t be too crowded already.
For me, it depends on the m&g, if I attend that, I’lll just show up straight for that, otherwise, maybe 3-4pm? Not sure yet.


Yes that’s what I was thinking too, with the previous concert it will be already crowded, but I prefered to ask for an other opinion, I entered the contest too, we will see… We all hope we will be Lucky, let’s all keep our fingers crossed ! Do you think they will take a lot of People for the meet and greet ?


LP m&gs were about 70-80 people, I think Mike does around 40-50, so we’ll see. Not sure what time the others are considering to go?


Same as you… :blush:


So we will all go at the same time :blush:, 40/50 it sounds already good, but I think that we are a huge amount of fans trying, no ? If we need to speak about probability, How many procent of chance do we have you think ? Did you take normal tickets or VIP tickets ? My husband took 2 VIP tickets for our wedding anniversary, I cried you believe me haha


There are 6 stages, I hope that there won’t be too much people waiting 45 min between First Aid Kit and Mike. I don’t know at what time will be the M&G.

I don’t have a VIP ticket, so I think about going there as earlier as I can (depends if I win or not the M&G) to be at a good place.

But I would like to spend time with all of you too!


LP MG s werent always so much…last year at Southside it was 10 Persons


10 persons… This is not too much… @Lilyope i hope like you that there will not be too much People Waiting those 45minutes… Somebody knows when we will have a New for the MG happy winners ?


My m&g was in 2014 so I guess they changed it? The event I went to with Mike was 50 people so I assume that’s an ok number for him to handle, considering the whole thing took about an hour or so. We’ll see…

I don’t have VIP tickets either, and he’s playing the main stage so people will start to gather by then for the headliners.


I can not wait to know more about everything, we have vip tickets but honestly i don’t really know Which space they will keep for vip and where… Because they say on the website ’ with sight on the stage’ but… How far… That’s a question


I have no idea about what these tickets contain- but one thing about them I know- you have a seperate entree and a welcomedrink :beers: looking sooo forward :smiley:


Yesssss and vip toilets… Important after the drink… Because the queue will be longgggg