Mike laughs at us


so Mike Shinoda thinks its funny that people are complaining about the price of the BAPE tees costing $115 he thinks its funny I don’t find it funny at all this is ripping of us off the fans who thinks its funny that mike has shown us little respect and laughs at us the fans who cant afford to get this t-shirt $115 is out of reach for all but the really well of fans without us supporting them and buying there music where would LP be today ? this has shown me just how little Mike respescts us very un happy LP fan of 15 years


@lorenzoerr so mike laughs at us nice shows us no respect to the fans who buy there music are LPU members


I think you’re really over reacting. Over course it’s a bummer it’s so much money if you want it, but to say Mike is laughing at us and doesn’t respect us is a bit overboard. Plus I thought I read that there’s only 150 of this particular shirt, had this been less money, it would have been gone instantly anyways

This pretty much goes against everything you just said. BAPE decided the shirt prices, and he said all the items aren’t going to be that expensive. I’m pretty sure the “LOL” is about people going nuts over the price without looking into other stuff on the site.


@TripleXero not over reacting so what if there is only 150 of these why not make something everyone can afford or are the rich fans all that matter to Mike ? as seems dose not take it serouis and I’m not only one complaining seems many people are and saying these shirts normaly cost $$$ LOL is laughing in the face of fans where would LP be today without us ask your self that and go read the tweets people are all compalning about the price of this T-Shirt and he did say was worth every penny too what for a cotton Printed T-Shirt not justified in charging $115 for a T-shirt anyone could get made up disgusted by his tweet yeah LOL nikce work Mike lost respect for you sitting in your big home fans bought you and nice cars from the money fans pay for concerts and other merch sold with LP on it


Also, just because Mike made a Tweet about the situation, doesn’t mean he’s the only one that had anything to do with the whole thing.

Of course people are going to complain about a shirt being $115, but I’ve seen no one else say Mike is mocking us.

He is not laughing in the face of his fans. Making a string of clothing dedicated to an era that they have mostly left behind is the exact opposite of this.

I don’t get why you’re complaining about the price when I explicitly showed you that he specifically said that all the items in this XVLP collection won’t go over $100. There’s 150 shirts, who cares? Had this shirt been $40, you wouldn’t have even had a chance at getting it. I think you underestimate how little 150 is. More people see a video uploaded to Linkin Park’s YouTube in 5 seconds than there was shirts.

And fans literally complain about everything. Every song that they’ve ever made, I guarantee that somewhere on the Internet, there’s a ton of people nitpicking it.

The Fort Minor Welcome Vinyl was, at it’s lowest, $95 before shipping. Vinyl records are pieces of plastic with grooves in them, and tons of people bought that and probably thought it was worth it. It depends on the person. Obviously you don’t think it’s worth the money, doesn’t mean someone else does, too. If a huge Linkin Park collector decided to get it, or anyone for that matter, it’s probably worth it to them.

I literally never see anyone from Linkin Park bragging about their money whatsoever. They donate to charities, they have their own organization to help people in need, they have a site that’s dedicated to helping fans interact with them. How many other artists do you know do this? If you are really going to lose respect for Mike over something like a shirt, complaining about his big house and cars, why are you paying for concerts and mech and music yourself?


@TripleXero the other items will be between $95 plus alrady been there and looked so I know how much they are


@TripleXero I got a hel of a lot of LP merch but not one cost $115 doaalrs total rip off go on twtter an d look what people are saying for your self all sayin the same not justified



While Mike mocks us, @The_early_walker & @Gatsie mocks me. :frowning:


My opp to this stuff:
It´s a limited edition from both sides, so if anyone collector of such rare stuff is willing to pay its his own descision . To complain about it is like complaining about the hunger in the world, but as unsatisficiently there is no solution for feeding all the ppl, this opp. is not one for everybody. Mb it would have been nice to set sm shirts on the lpu giveway november or so, but the world is, as it´is: “unjust common and angry” You will find a lot of probs you can complain about, I dunno what they thought by this idea and who had to make which descisions, but if I know one thing for sure:
MS never has, never will and never thought anythingg kinda laughing about us as fans or our complains. I´m no advocat, but I saw him three times in life, saw and read a lots of posts, artikles and stuff. So I´m sure that he and the other guys of lp aren´t the side who left the bottom, the brand maybe, cause of the cooperation with them. In the end there maybe will come a donation for MFR with the money, they assumed… :sunglasses:


Exactly, you are mocking me


Are you really comparing vinyls to the shitty T-shirt?


I guess? A direct comparison between the two isn’t really what I was going for or the point I was trying to make


He wasn’t making fun of us, he’s trying to stand behind the project and make us understand why it costs that much.
BAPE is indeed a pretty expensive brand (and $115 is pretty cheap compared to other limited edition tees they have) and they probably didn’t have much say in the price, BUT what pissed me off was the fact that he said it was worth every penny. I don’t see how a simple print of the HT album cover is worth that much. It is kind of selfish of him to think fans can afford it because $115 is nothing to him (but a fortune to us) but overall, it’s just him promoting the project.

Mike is a very genuine and kind guy, he loves the fans and always makes sure to hear what we have to say, I really appreciate his efforts to be so close to the fanbase. But sometimes, you just gotta stand up for your campaign no matter what.

I’d like to think this tee will be the most expensive item. I expect The Hunderds one to be around $40-$60 and the RVCA one $70 tops. We’ll see though…


@EvoOba I have seen the prices there between $95 to $100 so out of reach of most fans well apart from the rich ones


They released those too? I thought they were releasing them at a later date? Well ok… still expensive for most people.
Let’s just say this project wasn’t as successful as they might have thought it’d be.


What are all these brands that I’ve never heard of? Are they US exclusive or something?


The Hundreds is pretty known, they had a store in London too for 10 or so years. I like their stuff a lot actually. RVCA is a skate brand… the rest I don’t know.


me I must honestly say don´t know any of these brands, mb it´s the other way round, that for the fans of the brands the price doesn´t matter, but, I agree with evooba, this wasn´t their best cooperation…lol, but


I’ve never heard of them either, so either I’m out of the loop (I guess I never really was in the clothing loop to begin with), or they aren’t all US known brands. I know the current shirt’s brand isn’t an English company for sure though

Where did you see these? I haven’t seen pictures of anything else, let alone prices.

I really don’t understand the major backlash. There’s plenty of Linkin Park shirts on the Internet, you can even make your own on certain sites, why not buy those? Plus, I’ve seen just as much people complain about price complain about how the shirt doesn’t even look good, so why would you want it then?


You’re right, just look at him laughing himself to death