Mike live in Amsterdam - March 21


And there i was: totally freaking out on the day the ticket sale started… Sweaty hands… Nervous as ****… Holding my phone an hour up front… And then the sale starts!
Totally freaking out and screaming: YYEEESSSSS, WE HAVE TICKETS!!!

And then one month later: oohhh there are still tickets for sale…:roll_eyes:


So great You guys all are going! I too am a bit surprised that the concert to this Day had not sold out yet.

Am looking forward to the show so much :grin:


I’m so excited too!!! We’re a short 2 months away :smiley:


Looking forward to it as well!!

Not really. I don’t think his name is that big over here. Even in the US I believe none of the shows sold out


It’s weird though, Amsterdam was sold out last summer. And I can’t believe Prague is sold out. UK and Germany were expected, but honestly, I thought Amsterdan would too.

The important thing is that he is coming back and we get to see him and be there to show our support. Full house or not, I bet both him and us will have the time of our lives :slight_smile:


It is going to be so freaking awesome, for sure! :grin:


Would be cool te meet each other there tbh :grin:
Are you guys bringing socks for Ghosts?:joy:


Last summer? You mean LP in 2017?


Oh yeah :stuck_out_tongue: It’s 2019 now.


Yeah, Good Idea! Lets all bring a White dirty sock to the show! :joy:


Lol yeah it was sold out, but LP has a much bigger name than Mike does


61 days left… Feels like forever😅


Counting the days!! :grin::grin::grin:


Hell yeah! Can’t wait :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:


Who’s signing up for the M&G? I don’t think I’ll be signing up, since I’ve already met him twice and want to get to the front row asap :smile:


I signed up, but I’m one of the most unlucky persons in the world, so I’m not getting my hopes up :sweat_smile:


Hey all! I’m quite late to the party, I’m never really that active here haha, but I will be at the show too! Just signed up for the meet and greet, so fingers crossed! :smiley:


Good luck you both! Your chances might be bigger since this is not a LP show


Well, last time I got selected, so I met them all, so I am actually quite worried I wont get picked now because of that. But I’ll stay positive :sunglasses:


Hi! I’ll be there too!
I am new to this forum, so I have got a few questions:
I hope you’ll answer them :smile:

  • Is it possible to pay for a LPU account with IDEAL?
  • Are the winners for the M&G and other contests randomly chosen or do you have to do something?
  • Do you also have to pay to get into these contests?

I am looking forward to see you guys there!