Mike live in studio


Anyone see Mikes live cast from the studio.
He liked Star Wars… Yep he’s become more of a legend in my eyes


He was always a fan. He went and saw it the night it premiered.


Did you see the Storm trooper armour he did some artwork on?


nice to get it here at surley least but surley no announcement to the so called "official fan club, what a pitty blame´s or responsability on who?


No I’ve not seen the stormtrooper art work but i shall


What kind of announcement? It was NOT a LPU chat. He simply did a livestream from the studio. If he wanted to do it for just the LPU he would have come in the chat here (which, he hasn’t done in YEARS).

Please guys, do not confuse every single livestream with the LPU chats. Two totally different things.

@Super_saiyen_Peewee https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xft1/t51.2885-15/s640x640/sh0.08/e35/12063117_1653566291553684_415677956_n.jpg


Yeah it was on Facebook, think he got in studio before anybody and did that before anyone else arrived


Mike is a Star Wars fan and I like that , have a creativiad to draw pictures and show them a good style :slightly_smiling:


Where was this stream everyone seems to be talking about and can I find it on yt or elsewhere?


It was on Facebook and I think it was just a spontaneous Mike action, really. You can check it here if you like: https://www.facebook.com/linkinPark/videos/10153810718421788/

And here’s the [greenish] Stormtrooper Mike made:


Hey Eva, kind of announcement to his whole fanbase maybe?! Mb on twitter? I think at this point we agree to differ again at least. I think, I was up at the lpa´s live chat where someone spread it out, everybody was looking, but me at least I´m not too fast on computers, don´t know were to serch if it is called fb plus I don´t ever use facebook as, imo, it is the worst data securiety of all social comm websites.

So we know Mike´s character more or less, and he´s doing what he likes to, that´s what I even love in his doing, making what he considers to be the right one, and he does, even this lifestream yesterday is such a thing AND I ADORE HIM DOING SO!!! Lucky ones who got the chance to see and hear him, 20mins…

So at least @evooba thanx for the link :green_heart: I enjoy it right now with my morning coffee, thats the lpu, sbd gets it and we are sharing, lol love the LPU :heart:

[ot after morning coffee with MS I try the blogpost again, yesterday was No Chance, i tried over 10 times whole day long @acemasters)



It is a surprise stream for a reason. He doesn’t need to announce everything he does. If it was in the LPU, he would. As long as people are notified on FB that he is live, he’s not obligated to do anything. He could keep it locked and let us watch it hours later if he wanted to.
Same thing with Periscope or Twitter, he doesn’t have to tell people “oh hey, I’m going online there in 10min”, he just does and whoever sees it, sees it.

Dunno what link you’re talking about. I didn’t post anything.


I saw the stream today by your link to fb, I thought, but, as I tell you st in the past, I´m a comp. Idiot!! lol :blush:

Btw, what was your imp.? He should get healthy, I thought after it…?

Edit mb it was the link from my unicornpoop @gatsie


Yeap probably. I didn’t post the link of the stream anywhere.
I was glad to see him, I missed that dude, I appreciate it when he takes the time to chill for a while.


Yeah… I posted the link. Glad you liked it.