Mike & Martin Garrix


Yesterday I saw this picture on Mike’s Instagram account featuring Martin Garrix. Your thoughts please?


I saw that, too, but I have no clue who that is


Saw it too and had no idea who that guy was. I asked around, and people told me he is an EDM up and coming artist. I don’t wanna know what it’ll be about. I’ve had enough with their EDM crap.


I saw it on twitter and I heard about Martin Garrix by my brother and hope they’ll not produce something together. I like rock music or whatever LP is and not the “mainstream stuff”.


maybe it’s for Garrix’ new album, with Mike producing one or two tracks.
I really hope it’s not for the new LP record, we’ve had enough EDM with Recharged


I don’t despise EDM, it’s not something I listen to daily though. Like a lot of people I too am not fond of Mike venturing the EDM genre with that God awful ReCharged and then that horrific Aoki crap.

But then again… If the dude’s enjoying himself then hooray for him. He should do whatever the unicorn-poo he’d like to do.


Hi I’m Lina, maybe a new collaboration between LP and Martin Garrix…and maybe there will be so many collaboration here, just wait and see guys… :smiley: