Mike Shinoda Birthday Project


Hey guys!
Since Mike’s birthday is coming up, I’m collecting all your birthday wishes for a big post on lpfancorner.com. Mike follows this site’s Twitter account, so there’s a good chance he reads them.

[b]You can send in letters, photos, anything artistic like drawings, paintings, graphics…, and videos (upload on YouTube first, then send me the link). You can submit pretty much anything digital. Pictures/drawings, etc. must be digital files (jpg or png).
Don’t forget to include your name!

Deadline: February 10, 2013

Send to: adiek84@gmx.net[/b]


I’m in! :wink: Good idea!!!


I want to take part. I’ll send you the pic in some days :slight_smile:


I’m in. Trying to figure out how to participate to another cool event like this! ^.^
So cool! Respect to you for doing this! :slight_smile:


Thank you, guys! :slight_smile:


I will contribute something from my side [smile]


I will do something as well. Thanks for doing this!


Awesome, guys! Thanks for being a part of this :slight_smile:


nice… count me in…


That’s great to hear, Alexian!


I’m in, sure! \o/
It’s a great idea… congratulations for do this!


Ok, I’am on board. Thanks for doing this :slight_smile:


I’m innnn! Now I just need to figure out what to do 'cuz it need to be something cool [biggrin] I’m so exciteddd


Great! It’s awesome that so many contribute something!


I’m soooo in! Years ago i made a painting that was inspired by his “Glorious Excess Dies”, i wished i could show him that. Now it’s the chance^^
I send u the pic later, had not much time now.






I swear I’ll start mine soon =A= bad habits die hard :stuck_out_tongue:


Grrm, I really wanna do something awesome to him but I don’t know HOW TO START sigh, :confused:


Great idea, will have to get to work on something to add.