Mike shinoda birthday


happy birthday mike shinoda…i wish u get all the best in this year and years after…:birthday::birthday::tada::confetti_ball::gift::gift:


Not to be crude, cause I know someone else will come along and say it, but there is already a birthday thread in the forums.


i know…im sorry.im just feel happy for mike in his birthday :grinning:


@derek or @jFar920 merged? Thanks in advance.


sorry,i dont know.sorry cant your answer :slightly_smiling_face:


Not only that this thread already exists- but you are way to early with it man


sorry @theearlywalker,in my country now is 11th february.sorry if to early for you :smile:


Not early for me only but for Mike :joy:


i will tell sorry too to mike,if he read my massage…:sweat_smile:


Hahaha no worries-if somebody understands the meaning of beeing hyped- then this is me :joy::joy::crazy_face:- I am SUPERHYPED :dancer:t2::heartpulse: tonight :rofl:


Happy birthday to you Mike shinoda have a wonderful time on your day :heart::cupid::tada::gift:


it’s OK @ria_shinoda - in my country it’s been the 11th for 19 hours :slight_smile:
HB Trollnoda!