Mike Shinoda Custom Designed iPhone Case


I just made my own iPhone case at www.skinit.com


How much did it cost you?


Like, 40 something bucks. It’s shipped to your house. (I suggest using an HD picture)


Oh I´m worriyng if this can be a market place?**?


Yup, thanks, will hope to try it, there is no official Iphone theme for LP is there?


I want one ! Even though I don’t have an iPhone :smiley:


This is too cute!


Awesome! I want something like that! Only until I get a better phone.


I like mine :smile:


Mike signed ur phone?


Yup :sunglasses:


yours is cool too!!


Omg so cool! About a yr ago I made a phone case for my s3 with this image. I never prossessed the payment for who knows what reason lol so I never got it. but it looks sick!