Mike Shinoda has no bellybutton


So, Mike himself referred to this in his Linkin Log and I’ve read/seen the discussion on twitter and such too, of the theory that Mike Shinoda died 8 years ago and that the Mike we see today is actually a clone. I find it quite the hysterical rumor and was wondering how others think about this subject.

This one clip on Youtube sure cracked me up:


haha Mike is so funny :smiley:


I know right! He’s too funny with his animal crackers :stuck_out_tongue:


I love that Joe walks by and hears Mike say that and is like “oh whatever” he must be used to him saying stuff like that and it’s not new to him or something haha


Joe is just dry like that :stuck_out_tongue:


joe is such a ninja


who can i talk to about making more clones :wink: this world with more Mikes would be the most genius world ever!


Wouldn’t mind a Shinoda clone of my own either :wink:


MIke Shinoda bellybutton


Aww, chubby bunny


@gatsie ;))) famopus like everytime, how did you manage to find suchawesome videos? I think I love the idea of cloning your special vip, so I order a chazzy, a mike and a Brad at the lpu shop,
@samuel_the_leader good investigative research…;)) But for real: Who let go such stupid rumours out???


My dear @The_early_walker, I must confess that I spend way too much time on the internet, looking for anything Mike Shinoda related. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I could find out where they have this Shinoda cloning factory… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I´m soooo with youz, you can´t believe… :cupid: I projekt all my wishes and needs on him, the poor one…


What do you think about this account, guys? Haters or lovers?


OMG, I’ve seen a similar profile on Twitter. It started following me a while back, but I cannot seem to find the profile anymore. Hopefully it got taken down.

Those people are crazy :smirk:


they are still around!
I think this guys are crazy, considering that mike admitted three times he is a clone, when it comes to the theory itself, well, I don’t know if they actually believe this but they have a blog full of crazy things, I wonder if it’s a joke or not but man, it’s hilarous HAHA


You know Mike jokes about all these things in chat all the time: unicorns, etc…


I don’t understand why there are strange people like him, actually what he wants? It seems really crazy…:confused::expressionless:


Well yeah, I believe he said this in chat a while ago:


I hope they are just joking hahahaha i follow them on twitter and they are doing a giveaway HAHAHA
yeah mike said that about the werewolf in a chat it was incredible haha