Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic 2018 - Offenbach


So Who all is coming to this show…I already ordered my tickets ! :slight_smile:


meeeeeeeeeeee :heart_eyes:


Awesome ! Looking forward to meet the LPU gang…hope to be on the front row !!


I moved your thread from „uncategorized“ to the category „Mike Shinoda“ - and unil now I don’t have a ticket- is the show sold out?


Maybe you found a ticket on facebook for regular price. Some users in german fan groups are selling tickets for the original price :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to going to this show from Spain, but I have no one to go with. Don’t know if someone is in the same situation.


I know it’s is a long shot, but… is anyone going to Offenbach from Cologne and got two spare seats, at least on the way back? We’d love to go, but we can’t find a way to get back home after the show. :confused:


You live in Cologne? Maybe you find someone in the facebook group - many from the cologne concert are going to offenbach. :blush:


Me :slight_smile:


I’m going tooooo


Reunite the Paris Squad :rofl:


Hello Offenbach-Crew,

We’ve planed some “actions” for Offenbach too like we did for cologne. Maybe you wanna join us again? :heart_eyes:

check it out here:


Have you found someone? I was in Cologne already and going to Offenbach too now :see_no_evil: I speak Spanish cuz I lived there :slight_smile:


I’ll be in Offenbach too. I can’t waiiiiiiiit! :hugs:


No! Wow and now I think is too late, flights maybe have increased the price too much, going to check it btw. How was Cologne???


Oh no what a shame! Hope you can still make it! Cologne was a blast!! :slight_smile: <3


@DavidZinssler just see Your message now ! Would be Nice ! Did you speak with @OneMoreLight2017 about it ?


no not yet .


It will Rain there on Thursday… Maybe we arrange on our WA group ? It’s easier ?


Im not in the Group anymore😅