Mike Shinoda: Salt Lake City M & G


Can anyone confirm if Mike Shinoda will be doing a M & G on July 28th in Salt Lake City? He will be performing at the Love Loud Festival during his Post Traumatic Tour in Salt Lake City next Saturday! I haven’t seen any announcements yet…

THANKS for your help,



He probably will do M&G’s, but the announcements often come a few days before the show if I’m not mistaken


Thanks man, I appreciate it!!!


That’s what I was wondering myself! I believe it’s actually a week b4 the show, but I could be wrong.


I’ve been waiting myself! I’m guessing no M&G at this point… :frowning:


M&G Announced!!


Who else got the m&g?!?!?!


Sigh. I guess I didn’t. Man, I really wanted this one.


Waiting for the email to know where to go…


Are you in line outside the gates?


I’m still waiting for the M & G email… Hopefully it arrives soon!


Has anyone received their M & G Email yet?


Yes. I got mine. And I’m not at the stadium yet.