Mike Shinoda's Singing


Up until Minutes To Midnight, anyone only really heard Mike sing during the live show (backup, P5HNG ME A*WY, etc). In Between and No Roads Left seemed to have been the catalysts to how Mike and Chester write and record singing parts from then on. Of all the songs that Shinoda’s sang on, what’s your favorite performance? Do you prefer his singing to his rapping?

For me, personally, No Roads Left will always stand out as a favorite


Mike is my favorite rapper. He’s amazing at singing to. I also love the No Roads Left song.


I like Mike’s rapping. But I also have to say, that No Roads Left is a very good song and I love it how Mike sings that song. It shows us a different Mike Shinoda. Awesome!


I have to agree that No Roads Left is indeed his best vocal performance as lead singer. I also like his vocals on Fear(LOATR demo).


He got some serious rap skills, that’s for sure! It’s his thing anyways but I believe his singing is really unique too!
No Roads Left will always be my favorite as well, the vocals are just amazing. And I gotta say that I love the fact that he walked out of this shell right after MTM and started singing more. He shouldn’t be afraid to do so like in the beginning cause he really has a beautiful voice. Favorite song after No Roads Left is Iridescent.


I would have to agree and say No Roads as well. Nice vocals.


Why everybody stopped just on NO ROADS LEFT? i think that in the next performances he also have good vocal things like IN BETWEEN / i dont know why but i always like to listen it, it is so nice for me! Anyway / everything they are doing is amazing)))even if it is not / just because i love them))))))))))


But anyway NO ROADS LEFT is something special))))


Definitely ‘No Roads Left’.


I love his and Chesters interplay in LIVING THINGS.

I swear, the way they harmonize and connect with eachover on CASTLE OF GLASS, and especially SKIN TO BONE is just amazing.


unfortunately i have never heard him singing live, just rapping

he is amazing at both if you ask me
when i listen to no roads left im like WOW
i think that song wouldnt be any better if it was for chester to be singing it

i do have to say chester has more of a voice that suits a lot of songs more
basically, he really has a '‘singing voice’'
it would of been a HUGE waste if he never became a singer
so thank god he did

but a side from that, mike also can sing and i love it
he just has a really typical voice when he sings
its like low but at same time he can go up a little higher
and its not like '‘all beautiful chester kinda way’'
but he really has something thats just pure gold
such a special voice, love it

so i dont prefer his rapping over him singing
he does both great


His voice is so poweful! I love him doing both, actually. He does all the raping perfectly and he can sing as well. Mike is an amazing artist, really talented.


No Roads Left is perfect but I think that he finally found how to explore his voice on Living Things.

Rapping there is no doubt: he is the best in the world. Take Eminem for example. He’s fast but sometimes you don’t understand what he is saying. There isn’t this problem with Mike even when he is rapping very fast.


For me, skin to bone it’s one of the best, ever.


i am a fan of Mikes and will forever be so i choose both


I prefer his rapping because that is his strong point vocally, but out of the songs he sings No Roads Left and Burning In The Skies are my favourites. Now that i’m thinkin about it, he sings on very few tracks


MS has a powerfull voice, not for shouting, but he’s rapping and singing (rare unfortunetly) complement necessary vocal to make the best music/songs. By the way, my favourite mike/chester song is still Forgotten :slight_smile:


I love it when mike is singing, but I also love his rapping.