Mike sir made chiken


Mike Sir made chiken for his family in new year party. :blush:


You don’t have to keep posting new threads for one line of info that could have easily gone in the nifty topic.


Yes we know about the :chicken:


Love chicken wings that’s a lot of chicken also this picture is kind of old I think I saw it on my facebook months ago no-one else can say he a lazy musicians at least he cooks


Should be discussed it here


If you was offered immortality will you go for it or will you die like the rest or too depressed seeing everything age around you and die snap out of the karmic wheel of death and live eternally I’m asking because their are many fraternal order that offers such Ideology but is it true the existence of the Philosopher’s stone, chi, ambrosia manna love anime especially Fullmetal Alchemist in the show they make the stone from metals plants and of course Humans which is forbidden Alchemy is not forbidden to humanity alchemy has many branches and illegal branches in plain simple form music is a branch and creating the stone is another branch just collect many branches so you can harness many leaves that way your tree of life can grow with intellect just like the tree in the garden that separates the veil.


Speaking of chicken: