Mike's Incredible Emotional Strength


Every time Mike releases a new song, I am continually inspired at the maturity, professionalism, and emotional strength he demonstrates. What he has done and continues to do is beyond amazing. He’s a fantastic role model. Clearly, his music/art show how strong he is.

After watching his most recent music video, “Running from My Shadow,” I was thinking about where all that strength comes from. I’m not being sarcastic here, I’m asking an honest question. How is it possible that he is able to do what he continues to do so well, despite such difficult and challenging circumstances? Is it willpower? Is it a sense of duty to us, the fans? Is it out of love for his art and because he wants to honor C? Is it something else? He seems waaaay farther along in the grieving process than some people (including me). He’s made all this progress, and I’m still struggling along, seemingly far behind. For me, it’s always bittersweet when Mike releases a new song because over the years, I got so used to seeing Mike and C together. :cry: And yet, Mike’s music always makes a statement; he has important things to say.

Where do you think Mike gets his incredible emotional strength? :thinking:


I kinda thought it was part of his coping mechanism… like writing in a diary just that doing so lyrically maybe has a calming effect
Not to mention keeping busy lets you not have to cope… then there’s also the fact that a lot of what we see of him could be like a front…sad but I mean maybe he’s not as great as he appears? Idk
And then there could be a cultural type of thing where death comes more natural? Not being an idiot here, just I realize some cultures view death differently or even just groups of people idk
Curious but interesting question :slight_smile:

And I’ve kind of actually thought he felt a release with everything that happened, my opinion is he pushed for the pop shift of oml and wanted to explore what he himself could do, tragedy sometimes moves your hopes or goals forward light years of when you thought you might get around to them, it feels he took all this as a challenge to what he can do himself-if anything I like his hunger for personal recognition he maybe hasn’t gotten as a rapper beforehand from more mainstream bases


I’m VERY PROUD of Mike, and I feel like some time when we hurt the most it brings out stuff we never realize.


My guess is that people who have had to struggle somewhat growing up/earlier years tend to develop very strong resillience skills if that is also coupled with the right support which i would hazard a guess is what he had

But of course i acknowledge that i am speculating


What makes Mike such an incredible role model is a maturity in handling emotional experiences coupled with a methodical and analytical response. Music is his therapy. He uses a lot of introspection to tackle and identify his challenges.

He has built a family that is supportive - that family is his wife and kids and his band - but then expands it to include the fans. He and the band connect with their fans identifying us as extended family. The sense that we are all in this together.

The band shows incredible strength - but as strong as humans are, we are still, quite obviously, fragile. So how do we model ourselves in that? Create a support system of people who understand us for our strengths, faults and flaws and help draw out the best in us and amplify it.


Honesty is a start i think. We cannot expect people to love us despite our flaws if we don’t show them.


Absolutely! That’s so funny. I’m always telling people it’s time to play a round of, “Let’s Be Honest”. So often, we are not honest with OURSELVES!

And it’s about showing who you are to people who will not judge you for who you are. I have loads of acquaintances, but only a very few true, true friends. The people who are allowed to see the whole, real me and who won’t judge me for being me - or judge me for my weaknesses and flaws. People who seek to make sure I stay healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually - whatever that means for every individual.


Yeah ive noticed a trend where people want to be loved and respected without judgement but also become too guarded to be bold enough to be vulnerable about things thereby creating a sort of self fulfilling prophecy, im not blaming those individuals…i used to be one, but yeah. When your not in crisis its important for people i think to practice being a little raw otherwise it ends up feeling like your friends and family love someone who is just a version of you

That is part of what i loved so much about Mike’s recent vids…i saw a vulnerability there that i dont often see. It was magical.


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Im just ranting here and i guess i´m not making any sense here.

So guys i´m that old that i remember Nirvana and Kurt Cobain when he passed away, and what happened to Nirvana after that, Nirvana as a band ended the day Kurt passed away. Dave went on making music. Same here with Mike i guess? Some people finds strength and a meaning to get back into what they to best. Somewhat back to basic.
I am so impressed that Mike shares all the songs he made during this time. Songs like “over again” “Nothing make Sense Anymore” they are so personal so emotional!! I guess it´s the only way Mike could go on living! No one have the answer what will happen too LP after this…

I do believe that making this album and that Mike is doing art work again is the only way he knows how too get along with all the feeling, the loss.

I do believe that Mikes new album is going to help alot of fans with their feelings over Chesters passing. I know i did feel alot better after listening to the songs! I found alot of strength in the songs!


Yesterday I went to LA Post Traumatic Listening Party. 1st The Whole album is FREAKING AMAZING!! I personally am grateful Mikes new ablum, because it’s helping me since I found my Bff :’( in December the same way, which I rather not say those words. I didn’t know what to do or how to start. Until Mike started sharing his personal feelings. I Thank and have so much RESPECT for him!

I can’t speak for others, but I will speak what I feel that will happen. I feel like LP is not over, and the rest just need some time to pull their self together. I feel like Mike is slowly opening the door to a new chapter to help Joe,Brad,Dave, and Rob slowly bring them back together. We know it won’t be the same with out our Angel, by I feel like Mike knows Chester wouldn’t want them to go their separate ways. It’s just gonna take time and that’s okay! Because losing someone so close to you it’s not easy to forget. It leaves a emptiness that will never be replaced but will try our best to continue with what brought us close from the beginning.

Sorry, if I don’t make sense. It’s not easy to express in writing the way I feel.