Mikes interview


I had goosebumps listening to this, although it’s been 2 months… my heart still hurts just the same.

We miss you Chester❤


When i here his voice i can here the sadness in his voice . U can tell he miss chester so much and how much he love hem. I was happy to here mike talk about everything. I still don’t believe he’s gone … but he will never be forgotten he’s a Angeles


I heard he’s voice and I can’t stop crying…! I heard he’s grip and it’s killing me…! :cry::broken_heart: my heart is broken forever and I’m always be there for all of you and the band and family…!


Cool of him to give this interview and share some thoughts for sure.


I agree, feel the same way about Mike being honest, open, and transparent in that interview. It was courageous of him to share his heart to all of us. I love them lots.


He did a great job, so nice to hear his voice.


I have been putting off listening to this interview for far too long. Having listened to Mike’s voice it has filled my heart with reassurance that they are all doing well. The forthcoming event is going to be an emotional rollercoaster for everyone. It was lovely to hear Mike talk of Chester so openly and how the fans have helped through this tough time.