Mike's "Post Traumatic", Album Out Now!


Mike’s new album “Post Traumatic” has finally been released! Check out the album’s interactive booklet at here, or purchase the album at MikeShinoda.com. Discuss!


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What Is Your Favorite Song on the Album?

  • Place to Start
  • Over Again
  • Watching As I Fall
  • Nothing Makes Sense Anymore
  • About You (feat. blackbear)
  • Brooding (Instrumental)
  • Promises I Can’t Keep
  • Crossing a Line
  • Hold It Together
  • Ghosts
  • Make It Up as I Go (feat. K.Flay)
  • Lift Off (feat. Chino Moreno & Machine Gun Kelly)
  • I.O.U.
  • Running from My Shadow
  • World’s on Fire
  • Can’t Hear You Now

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What Song Is Your Favorite So Far?

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  • Place to Start
  • Over Again
  • Watching As I Fall
  • Crossing a Line
  • Nothing Makes Sense Anymore
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Are You Looking Forward to the Rest of the Album?

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Mike Shinoda and Postraumatic
Mike Shinoda and Postraumatic

CAL sounds like something I’d imagine playing in a clothes store if you ignore the lyrics. 6/10

NMSA is miles better than CAL. 8/10. It would be a 10 if it had a beat (preferably with real drums) and no vocal distortion.

I prefer his old FM sound more, and his more aggressive rapping from the early days of LP.


NMSA is awesome. On.Repeat.


You all saw what’s going on over at MikeShinoda.com right?


I kinda miss Rob’s drums (Bourdon), but the lyrics are awesome and in the end they fit with the music…so, I just enjoy listen to them… :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :blush:


I love the songs!!! Why can’t June 15th come any closer?


Enjoying these songs! I think the music of CAL is a bit boring at the start, but it gets more interesting onwards. NMSA is really good! I also like the videos very much, especially the one for CAL



I have a deja vu. Again Thursday evening spent with Mike’s music on repeat and again I’m linking the lyrics


The tracklist on Genius says Crossing A Line is the 8th track on the album.
Also, 16 tracks in total :open_mouth:


Anna has mentioned it on her IG


Mike is precious. I admire him so much. I am sooo in love with him. I love everything he does. All the songs are amazing :heart:


I think the 2 new songs have this Phil Collins vibe. Sounding awesome to me, though.


I’m beyond excited for this. Solo Mike is always good!
Songs are different but I’m digging them, especially CAL. Videos are insane as well. The scenes from the fires and the destruction were sad but I loved how CAL is about us and him and the LP community. He’s pretty good at editing those as well apparently (is there something he ain’t good at?!).

Couldn’t help myself and ordered the cd and the artbook that comes with shirt cause Mike art books are SO good (judging from GE ones). Bring it on!!


Sounds so good :smiley: theres not gonna be one bad song on this album, can’t wait


A good read


The most painful part for me:

“You have all these people who are incredible artists singing his parts. On one hand, they did an awesome job, and on the other hand, nobody could be Chester. Ever.”

Thanks for sharing it.


Is the album a linkin park album that’s going to be released in june


I think the title is pretty clear, it’s Mike’s solo work.


Oh ok because I thought it was a linkin park album thanks


I love it, I feel connected and hyped and understood. I love it :heart_eyes: