Mike's "Post Traumatic", Album Out Now!


I have the exact same one :stuck_out_tongue: it’s a good colour combo.


This is freaking awesome


Thanks for sharing Rick! Love it!


I hope he plays this when he next comes to the UK.


I want to listen to this so badly but I don’t want to in case he plays it tomorrow


Save it, it’ll be worth the wait :wink:


I think all three of those are new decks, and I want them too! The other one doesn’t ship until September and I’m already tempted to buy more. I recently got a Hybrid Theory deck I’ve been meaning to post, too

Edit: Yeah, all three are new, the first one must have sold out. First one was called “Trial and Error”, but does look similar to “Connected Triptych Skate Deck 1”. Also have fun at the show tomorrow, and everyone else have fun, too that hasn’t had their concert already!

Linkin Park collectors V2.0

I’m tempted to get them as well to be honest… I’ll see. Which HT deck did you get? And thank you! Well tell you guys everything after :slight_smile:

EDIT: I saw the skate deck, looks rad!


Omg @Lilyope I saw Mike’s insta story and it’s so cool to see your name there! I just came to say how happy I am for you


Thank you so much, I’m so grateful for this all day. Everyone and everything were awesome, i’m still so happy. I still don’t believe that yesterday was a real day, i feel so great that he liked my Yoda gift. :grin:


Has anyone got a song from Mikes album that is constantly stuck in their head? Mine is Running From My Shadow.


Promises I Can’t Keep


For me it’s actually 3 :sweat_smile:

Crossing a line promises i can’t keep , and nothing makes sense anymore


I wish he would play NMSA live in Cologne :heart_eyes: after over again and Running from my shadow my favorite song.


Joe texted him, asking if ‘he was playing Reading or Leeds’ like in the LPTV episode


One more:


It seems like Mike has new merch out that he’s selling at the shows in Russia! @NickGr can you do me a huge favour and let me know about the prices if you check the merch booth out?


Sure ! I’ll send you a pic on wa if I see smth tomorrow


whaaaaaaat? how do you know


Saw people post photos on Instagram. There’s a flag, a bracelet, some buttons, a new hat and a magnet.