Mike's "Post Traumatic", Album Out Now!


I was thinking something similar, but my guess was a car accident given the location. The skateboard parts I was guessing was him looking back at something he was passionate about that he could no longer do anymore due to the accident, physically because of an injury, and emotionally due to his loss


@LP13413 I posted that but deleted it because of how disrespectful it was. Mike said he didn’t want traffic on that.


I saw that yesterday and I was like: “WTF is wrong with this journalist? That’s so disrepectful, disgusting and rude!”

But this Interviews shows us, why I love this band and these bandmates - Mike was still kind, professional and somehow nice.


My skate decks arrived today. I posted some pictures in Linkin Park collectors V2.0 but the ones I took for Twitter were a little more appealing


Reminder that Mike is going live in about 10min here:


For the geeks


Soooo cute at the end of the vid, when he asked “Is that cool?”. :joy::heart_eyes::grin: I wanted to say “of course it’s goood Mike!!!” :blush:


I spotted a LP vinyl at the beginning of the video.


You see it? :+1::wink:


Now I do! Well done!! :blush: :grin:


More new merch on this tour. Apparently there are exclusives every night in the venting machine. I really fancy that red bandana.


I do too.


This bandana looks amazing the color is great!


Martin Garrix is releasing Waiting For Tomorrow soon


Now, this is amazing!


Who’s the guy on guitar?


He is Matthias, Matt, Harris. One of the two guys Mike had join him on tour.


Google doesn’t seem to turn up much on him. Is he one of the techs?


No, he plays keyboard, guitar and does background vocals. He is a little more in film it looks like.


He’s pretty rad! He’s from London and he has such an accent :stuck_out_tongue: