Mike's "Post Traumatic", Album Out Now!


thank you funny story I got 1 meet and greet ticket too many oh well lol


You guys read he’s already working on new music? There was a pic of him with some Swedish artist I believe


It was DJ Felix Jähn, a German DJ. Mike met him a couple a days/weeks. a german radio station called “1live” published via radio, that they worked together and maybe we get new stuff :yum::metal:t2:


New release! :dizzy_face:


@NickGr you might be interested in the above post

It’s apparently only on Apple music though. I don’t have it


Same here… :frowning:


And we’re better off for it LMAO.


I hope it’ll be added to Spotify, I don’t use Apple Music either.


Mike talks about Adam. This video is from @derek . Thanks for sharing Derek!


If anyone finds a way to buy Mike’s EP can you please let me know? I refuse to pay for Apple Music as a whole just to get this one album.


Just ask a friend with AM to dropbox you a copy or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


You just want to see it? It’s the live from Moscow stuff right? :thinking:
I could do something like record it with my brothers phone while playing it on my phone this evening and send it through WA if you’d like? :sweat_smile::joy: idk the quality but yeah… unless there’s some other way like one of those screen recording apps :thinking:


I’d like to buy it since it’s both audio and video?


Yeah it’s video from what I can see but I don’t have an option to buy it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I mean I can see/hear it and download it onto my phone but it doesn’t go into my memory nor can I keep a copy; I just tried recording my screen but it blacks out if I’m recording it like that :neutral_face:
I checked iTunes Store and it’s not there either so I can imagine this is just temporary to bait people into subscribing to it if they’re impatient and then releasing it in a week on other platforms…

Let me know if I’m missing something though and I’ll gladly help where u can :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s often what happens, it’s likely an AM temporary exclusive.


So isn’t possible to have it in any way? :frowning: and there will be other release too or not??


Not a physical copy in your library no,
I’ll still record it from one device to another in case you guys want to have it that way but privately shared so I don’t get accused of piracy :joy::joy:


Lol we appreciate your effort… :sweat_smile: :sun_with_face: :hugs:


So, it actually doesn’t download when you buy it? I saw it was $7 or something.


That might be a streaming membership like spotify premium.